Quinn Building Products – Official Website Launch

| Dean Anthony | ,

Quinn Building Products new website has officially launched. Truthfully its been up there since November 2015 but now it is all very much official with a mention in todays paper. Working with Quinn Industrial Holdings (and various other partners) we developed a website to showcase one of the UK’s and Ireland’s biggest manufacturer of building products.

Quinn Building Products (QBP) has a vast array of products and the challenge was to reflect the importance of each on the website. Clean, simple and responsive were key points we needed to incorporate within the website design. We also needed to show the importance of the technological advances the company has beenpart of; from their unique production processes to their extensive skills in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Most importantly it had to be simple to navigate and of course, work. Click here to check out Quinn Building Products new website.

Kevin Lunney, Chief Operating Officer of Quinn Industrial Holdings told the Fermanagh Herald (20/1/2016).

“The company has been growing steadily over the past 12 months and over that time has seen significant re-investment in a number of areas. The new website has been designed to demonstrate the wide product range available from Quinn Building products. It also showcases the depth expertise and technical knowledge that can be drawn upon within the Company in providing building solutions for construction projects across Ireland and the UK. The site highlights the fact that the Company is leading the way in technical expertise and industry knowledge for a vast range of construction products. There is also a platform to share industry and insight which offers practical information and advice on areas such as insulation solutions, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and accredited construction details”.

At SugarProjects, we are thrilled that all our hard work  has paid-off and it is always great to see a happy client at the end.



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