Meet Jason; Gamer, B movie enthusiast and wannabe fisherman

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Jason joined SugarProjects as a Junior Developer early in 2020. He has quickly established himself as a very competent, methodical and controlled coder. Jason lives in the Matrix and is very comfortable with his binary environment. His movie, music and TV choices are questionable, but we don’t judge at SugarProjects!

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?
My favourite way to unwind is more programming, art and creating music! It’s a lot of fun to experiment, learn and be creative in your free time. I also like to go fishing in my free time!

Guilty pleasure?
Watching really bad movies: The Room (Tommy Wiseau), Birdemic, Kung Pow; Enter the Fist, Sharknado, …

Favourite food?
Anything with Duck in it!

What is your go-to coding language?
C# is the language I find the most interesting but JavaScript is just so flexible it’s hard not to get carried away!

Favourite code framework?
For a big project, I’d be hard pressed not to refer to Vue or React on the frontend but personally I always enjoyed messing around or prototyping with something like EJS for simplicity!
Express.js is a backend web app framework for Node.js. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it but always intended to take a deep dive back. Even have some books on it!

What is your favourite piece of work?
I used to work on a lot of personal small video game projects. I made countless prototypes of small ideas. My favourite one was very basic in which the player controlled a small pixel art marble that explored an expansive open world with different biomes of sand, grass, and rock. It was not action packed or anything like that and I feel that is why I liked it so much. It created a peaceful atmosphere and allowed me to be very creative with new features. This included things like, day turning to night, small animals roaming around, lighting systems and particle physics for effects. After a while I started to create a subtle story but never got far in finishing the project! However, I’m always reminded of it when someone asks about my favourite project.

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