Meet Dr Catherine McDreamy; Amatuer photographer, Potato lover and Hamilton Super Fan

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Catherine is a SugarProjects Rookie having only joined the company in March 2021. Covid restrictions have curtailed her interaction with fellow colleagues and clients, but Catherine is very much part of the SugarProjects team and adds a fresh perspective on a range of print, web and social media projects.

What is your favourite TV show/film to watch?
I do love a variety of genres from TV Dramas, to Reality shows  and Thrillers. But Grey’s Anatomy would for sure be my favourite show. I’ve watched it that many times that at this rate I am awaiting my medical license haha.

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?
I love everything about getting some fresh air and stretching the legs – ideal location near the sea with my camera in hand, there’s never a moment that I don’t capture at least one thing a day, as you can find beauty in anything.

Guilty pleasure?
I do love to watch and listen to musicals – over the past year I was introduced to Hamilton and let’s say the playlist was on repeat for a few days haha.

Which four individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
Will Smith, Dermot Kennedy, Hailey Bieber and Lewis Capaldi would be my ultimate choice – as I could be entertained by Dermot’s singing, whilst receiving some fashion advice from Hailey, along with the some funny moments from Will and Lewis, with a side of motivational inspiration from Will.

Any superpower what you would choose?
Ohh now that’s an interesting question – I would say teleportation.

Favourite food?
I must admit I’m stuck between two choices: For my favourite savoury food it would have to be potatoes as they have endless options lol. I must admit I do have a sweet tooth- so if there is chocolate cake on the menu …I am sold. Let’s be real I would be the person who would finish a chocolate cake off like Bruce in Matilda.

What fictional place would you most like to visit?
Probably Hogwarts, like how class would that be to roam around and discover!


1. Favourite Typeface:
My favourite typeface  would be Montserrat as it’s such a classy yet modern sans-serif font to use. However that being said, I also like the combination of handwritten fonts and sans-serif – as it brings an interesting  element to a piece of design work and is also visual pleasing with the contrasting fonts.

2. When did you discover you wanted to be a Graphic Designer?
Through my years of education I have been intrigued by technology and especially throughout my higher national diploma I discovered how much I love designing. This then lead me in studying Interactive Media at Ulster University (Coleraine) as it offered a variety of modules which allowed me to explore my skills and gain more practice.

3. What is your favourite piece of work?
My final major project from Uni would have been one of my favourite projects to work on. My project was based on a proposed solution on investigating ‘how the combination of photography and augmented reality can be used effectively on exploring the representation of mental health.’ My proposed solution was to produce a photography installation with an immersive experience of the use of augmented reality to unlock more layers. It allowed me to realise how augmented reality can be powerful in the meaning and interpretation through not only the media content but through the medium itself. This would have been an immersive experience showcasing a new perspective, which could change behaviours and enhances our understanding of how mental health can be perceived.


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