Meet Ciara; Wordsmith, MS Paint fan and part of the Britney Army

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Ciara is a graduate of the National College of Art & Design, Dublin. She started with SugarProjects in the Summer of 2019 and has thrived in the creative design industry. Primarily a Graphic Designer, Ciara has shown her range of branding, packaging and typography skills in projects for Liberty Insurance, Slieve Russell Hotel, Teemore Engineering, Quinn Building Products, Currency Xtra, Larkin Cassidy Solicitors and many more.

Ciara KFC (it hasn’t caught on yet)

Greatest Skill:
My homemade guacamole

Favourite Typeface:
Athelas – She’s classy

Go to Pantone Swatch:

Guilty Pleasure:
Britney Spears Instagram feed

Current Playlist:
The Black Keys Essentials

Best thing about working for Sugar Projects:
Working on projects for various inspiring local businesses & Cafe JD Latte’s

1. What is your favourite piece of work?
My favourite piece in my portfolio is a book I wrote and designed in my final year of college called “Reborn”. The piece had to relate to the theme of Lost, so I decided to dedicate it to everything I lost during my battle with cancer in order to gain back the most important thing; my life. The narrative of the book is based around the four cornerstones of my battle: diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and remission. It features poetry I wrote during my lowest points along with medical scans and notes from my hospital file. This project was extremely challenging and therapeutic in equal measure, and in turn won me membership to the International Society of Typographic Designers and an Adobe Top Talent Design Award 2019.

2. Favourite ways to unwind?
My favourite ways to relax is to put on a good playlist, burn some vanilla incense and curl up with a book. I’m currently reading the Power of Now.

3. When did you discover you wanted to be a Graphic Designer?
My dad bought us a huge, old school computer when I was younger and that is when I discovered the famous ‘Paint’ app. I would spend hours creating digital doodles and meticulously examining the list of fonts to add to my designs. In school I knew I was creative but thought that meant I should be an A* Art student, which I definitely was not. It was only in my final months of school I discovered the world of design. In that moment I knew I wanted to end up in the creative design sector.

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