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Currency Xtra 10 years celebration Infographic by SugarProjects

Currency Xtra

To celebrate ’10 years of Currency Xtra’ an Infographic highlight milestones in the companies history was requested. This was to be shared through various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Liberty Insurance Twitter post by SugarProjects

Liberty Insurance

Coinciding with Liberty Insurance and their sponsorship of the All-Ireland Camogie finals a graphic was created to be shared on social media platforms. Using the #supporthersport and #camogieallstars it highlighted the winners & nominees of the annual award ceremony.

First Stop Shop twitter branding by SugarProjects

First Stop Shop Twitter

The First Stop Shop, at the Clinton Centre, Enniskillen, provides information, signposting and support to local “start-up” and established businesses. Using the brand we created cover images and profile images to be used across social media platforms e.g. twitter.

Currency Xtra 10 years celebration twitter images by SugarProjects

Currency Xtra

Continuing the celebration of their 10th year in business, Currency Xtra requested a selection of images, banners and posts to be used across the popular most social media platforms. The cover photo or twitter/facebook was a timed event promoting a competition on a local radio station.

Hair by Imelda Maguire Facebook promotion by SugarProjects

Hair by Imelda Maguire

Hair by Imelda has a strong facebook following and promotional images were requested to be used on the social media platform. Advertising various hair styling masterclasses, the posts would be visible on users timelines and had the option to be used with facebook’s advertising platform.