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Lough Erne Landscape Partnership - Branding by SugarProjects

Lough Erne Landscape Partnership

Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (LELP) brand identity was designed with the core values and objectives of the scheme in mind: protect, conserve, raise awareness of and celebrate the built, natural and cultural heritage of Upper and Lower Lough Erne.

Larkin O'Connor Cassidy - Branding by SugarProjects

Larkin O’Connor Cassidy Solictors

Larkin O’Connor Cassidy (LOCC) solicitors firm required a strong brand identity when setting up their new practice at Carlisle Circus, North Belfast. An elegant serif font in uppercase was used for each partners name combined with a mark with the acronym ‘LOCC’.

Lisnaskea chamber of commerce - Branding by SugarProjects

Lisnaskea Chamber

Lisnaskea Chamber of Commerce (LCOC) was formed over 60 years ago to help serve the local business community. LCOC is still as important today, but a rebrand was required to reflect a new, modern and ‘connected’ approach to business.

Glen Erne Properties - Branding by SugarProjects

GlenErne Properties

GlenErne properties is a property management firm with business partners from Antrim and Fermanagh. The branding mirrors the landscape of these two counties with a chevron device symbolising the glens of Antrim and the waves of lough Erne in Fermanagh.

Tour of Fermanagh - Branding by SugarProjects

Tour of Fermanagh

Tour of Fermanagh is an annual charity cycle event. The design was inspired by annual cycling tours known world wide, though distinctive enough to stand on its own merit by keeping Fermanagh as the focus of the overall composition.

Alpha Tanks - Branding by SugarProjects

Alpha Tanks

AlphaTanks required a rebrand the reflect the growth and modernisation of the business. A bold sans-serif was chosen and a cylindrical device was introduced which mimics the movement of the machines used to manufacture the large steel tanks.

Dowler - Branding by SugarProjects


Dowler required a brand refresh that would reflect the personality of this mutifaceted store and help position the business during its move into online sales. This was achieved using an updated serif font and a colour system to symbolise the various departments: home decor, hardware, plumbing, etc.

TullyHolistics - Branding by SugarProjects

Tully Holistics

TullyHolistics was a complete branding solution for a holistic therapist whom was setting up a business and premises for clients. The logo reflects the natural healing therapies, treatments and yoga classes that would be available while also creating a distinctive/recognisable brand.

Melmarie - Branding by SugarProjects


MelMarie was a branding exercise for a professional hair-salon supplier of hair extensions and weaves. The name MelMarie is a portmanteau of the companies two business partners. An elegant modern typeface was selected to emphasise a sophisticated feel to the brand.